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North Dakota governor signs executive order for evacuation of Standing Rock

Jack Dalrymple, the governor of the State of North Dakota, issued an executive order on Monday calling for an evacuation of the same plot...

Feijoada: Brazilian Black Bean Stew (Witches’ Brew Edition)

Black bean stew, known in Portuguese as “Feijoada,” is a hearty combination of several different pieces of beef and pork meat cooked with black...

Veterans, hippies unite to support natives protesting Dakota Access Pipeline

Old hippies and festival culture kids from across America have showed their support of the Lakota nation and the protesting of the Dakota Access...


Texas candy store releases scary Halloween ad campaign featuring presidential candidates

Tim Loyd, the owner of novelty store Atomic Candy, said he didn’t hesitate a second before releasing his latest advertisements. The posters feature presidential...

Tension over Dakota Access pipeline felt outside of protest camps

Nobody can deny the natural beauty of the North Dakota landscape surrounding Bismarck, a city with a population just over 67,000 in 2013 --...
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