Pão de Quiejo: Brazilian Cheese Balls

The quintessential Brazilian snack “Pão de Queijo” translates literally as “cheese bread,” but is known in English as “Cheese Balls.” These little rolls, like many Brazilian foods, originated with African...

Marta’s Vegan Orange Cake

A dear Brazilian friend, Marta Caputo, gave me the original recipe for this cake. It is super moist and light. It is perfect with a cup of tea or...

Bolo Brigadeiro: Brazilian Chocolate Fudge Cake

Brazilian chocolate fudge cake is very popular in Brazil. The decadent cake, known as “Bolo de Brigadeiro,” and comes from the Portuguese words “Bolo” meaning “cake” and “Brigadeiro.” The word...

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Cracker Barrel bans All Scripture Baptist event after pastor spreads ‘hate’ and ‘divisiveness’

Cracker Barrel has prohibited a Tennessee pastor who doubles as a local county police detective, and his church, from hosting an event at one...
Witten the giraffe died at Dallas Zoo on Monday while undergoing a physical exam. (Twitter)

Jason Witten the giraffe dies at Dallas Zoo

Jason Witten -- a 1-year-old giraffe named after the Dallas Cowboys tight end -- died Monday while under anesthesia for a routine physical exam,...

Personal Essay: Lessons learned from my walk of shame

In the dark time shortly before Uber hit New York City suburbs, I was perched at the local watering hole I frequented. In retrospect,...