Hacker group Anonymous reportedly targeting North Dakota officers


YouTube user J Grady published a video, which called on two men who harassed Standing Rock protesters Dec. 5, according to video footage, to turn themselves in — lest their information be published.

Bismarck Police responded to an incident in the 1400 block of Interchange Ave. for a report of a possible vehicle/pedestrian crash, according to a press release from the department. The protesters filed a report and the case is being investigated as reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct.

“Officers met with a witness who stated he saw an altercation in the parking lot of his business. Two other witnesses reported being struck by a vehicle,” according to the release. “A bystander started filming the altercation where he was threatened by the suspects along with two other victims. One victim reported being followed around town and threatened when they arrived at their destination.”

The suspects have been identified and are being investigated, but that the rumors the men were police officers are not true, “at least not local officers,” a police spokesman said.

“This is a message to Morton County Sheriff’s Department,” Anonymous said. “Your acts of violence, threats and torture upon the protesters and water protectors of the North Dakota pipeline have gone too far.”

The video allegedly shows two police officers harassing and cussing at protesters who are just sitting in their vehicles outside of a hotel.

“All you motherfucker protesters go home,” one so-called officer said in the video. “Us North Dakota people are going to fuck you up. Every fucking one of you.”

Anonymous is giving the “officers” 48 hours to turn themselves in. The video was uploaded Dec. 6, 2016.

“The two officers who threatened the protesters in the parking lot now have 48 hours to turn themselves in or we will release their information publicly,” Anonymous said.

The hacker collective claims to have the license plates of both police vehicles shown in the video and photographs of both officers at the front lines of the protest actions, prior to the alleged incident at the hotel.

“We ran your plates and know who you are,” Anonymous said. “Turn yourselves in or be exposed.”

Officers are attempting to re-contact the victims in the case but have been unsuccessful. If you were a witness or victim in this case, contact the department for case number #16-22494.

There’s no indication if the threats made against the so-called officers in the video are legitimate, or if Anonymous will continue to target local law enforcement officers. The group recently claimed responsibility for hacking the Morton County Sheriff’s Department Facebook page.

Protesters have reported significant racial harassment in Bismarck by those who support the 1,172-mile-long Dakota Access Pipeline.

The Lakota Sioux are contesting the construction on the $3.8 billion project, which was paused Dec. 5 by the Army Corps of Engineers for an environmental review.

Protest actions have often led to clashes between militarized law enforcement and the Standing Rock protesters, where protesters have been shot with less-than-lethal rounds and fire hoses.

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