(Photo by Hannah Fields)

For brothers Zach and Zane Montandon, coffee is more than a beverage, but a way of life. The duo recently opened Gold Stripe Coffee Roasters in Lubbock, Texas, becoming one of only four roasters in the West Texas area.

Before Gold Stripe, the brothers operated under the name of Courier Coffee, offering a mobile espresso bar specialized for catering events such as weddings, office parties and other private events. However, because of some confusion with the name Courier, they opted for their current moniker.

“We wanted something that communicated class and quality,” Zane said.

Unlike most coffee shops, Gold Stripe offers more than carefully crafted brews. The brothers offer catering including self-service stations, pour-over bars and a full espresso and latte bar. Coffee aficionados can also receive shop and barista training.

The Montandons said they hold high standards for their roasting process. They buy beans from Cafe Imports, which sources directly from farms worldwide. Each bag roasted by Gold Stripe includes a “roast date” to ensure quality freshness and transparency.

The brothers decided to set up shop in Lubbock’s Cactus Alley Courtyard because of its cozy feel and undeniable charm, they said. Gold Stripe fits in with other locally owned boutiques and restaurants while adding a bit of flair to the coffee experience.

(Photo by Hannah Fields)
(Photo by Hannah Fields)

As for the future of Gold Stripe, Zach and Zane are looking to move their roaster to their storefront so patrons can get a closer look of the roasting and brewing process.

With this in mind, and when asked what it takes to keep this industry moving, the brothers had this to say:

“Coffee as a commodity is as diverse as the people we serve,” Zane said. “In order for the industry to progress we must be willing to work with respect to those with whom we work — be they customer, coworker or provider.”

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