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A teddy bear sits attached to a wooden post as Dakota Access pipeline workers put pipe into the ground on the east side of State Highway 1806. Pipeline workers had already destroyed spiritually significant native land, now owned by the Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners, on the west side of the highway. (Photo by Adam Schrader)

The Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier and Public Information Officer Donnell Hushka led journalists behind a police blockade set up at Fort Rice on State Highway 1806. Journalists were able to see the staging post for last Thursday’s operations.

Journalists also had the opportunity to see everything behind police lines from Fort Rice, past the first and second blockades and Front Line camp, down to the bridge where two trucks were burned Thursday night.

Many of the protester’s possessions had already been seized or returned. The rest were strategically staged at key sites of Thursday’s events.

These are photos from that media tour.

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